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Cheer For a Cure 2016

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Well, Cheer For a Cure 2016 sure didn't disappoint!  It was action packed from start to finish and considered a great success, raising over $31,000!!  Great job!

Thank you all for your patience and hope that you will think it was worth the wait!  I came home with close to 5,000, almost 64 Gbs, images.  Upon the initial review I ended up with 2,400 images that I edited.  After the final review you will find nearly 2,100 images organized into 26 separate galleries, by teams, to make it easier for you to find the ones you want with the exception of the Cheerleader Toe Touch Competition and the Awards presentations.

My apologies if you don't see photos of your favorite cheerleader.  As fast as the action is it's very difficult to capture all the participants.

Here's a tip on ordering from events such as this, I give discounts for bulk orders so if several got together and placed one order you would save on both the prints and shipping!  Contact me before placing your orders, letting me know what you are ordering and I'll issue you a coupon based on the size of your order. 

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There are many items available directly from my website; prints in various sizes, collages, magazine covers, calendars, memorabilia items, greeting cards, wall clings (aka Fat Heads)…check them out!


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(PLEASE NOTE – Most of these photos are cropped very tight…all are already in the 4x6 ratio…if, after trying here first, you can’t get them to fit a particular print size to suit, message me with the file name along with the desired print size and I may be able upload another image cropped to the desired size.)


For more information about ordering please read this note - Notes About Ordering


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